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Blister packaging tools

Tommy Nielsen has 30 years of experience in the design and machining of blister packaging tools. We design and machine the tools in-house to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction.

Our tools are used in a variety of tasks all over the earth.

Our 30 years of experience ensures that our customer receives the best possible tool, both together with the purchase of a new machine or by ordering new tools for an existing machine.

Our tools will always be delivered calibrated, thoroughly tested and with our recommended parameters, on a machine similar to the machine it will be running on.

Construction and design of tools

Tool must be constructed and designed to meet customer’s requirements and demands for the finished package. In order to achieve the optimum tool solution the following must be taken in account:

  • The presentation of the product 
  • Maintaining the product in a correct position 
  • The strength of the blister 
  • Packaging materials 
  • Strength and density of the sealing 
  • Requirement for opening of the package 
  • Utilization of the materials 
  • A rational workflow in the working process 
  • The price for the tool 
  • Good formability


If desired Tommy Nielsen can perform validation of machines as well as of tools.


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