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Blister sealing machines

Tommy Nielsen has a wide program of blister sealing machines that will cover most needs. The machines are designed to be easily modified and adapted to specific customer requirements.

All types are available in versions for packing of medicine and medical equipment.


The Rotaseal is suitable for sealing of lids on cups and trays and for blisters. Rotaseal can be custom designed for a wide variety of tasks.

It can be fitted with different units for automatic operation, such as units for placing lids on cups or placing blister card and for removal of finished packaging.

Rotaseal can be delivered with different numbers of stations, e.g. 4, 5, 6 or more.

Different size of turn table:
Rotaseal 980: 980 mm
Rotaseal 1180 1180 mm


The Lab Sealer is designed for use in a LAF bench - requiring only little space.

The Lab Sealer has a separate control box for placing outside of the LAF bench.

Universal seal

The Universal Sealer is a price worthy seal only machine for working with pre-formed blisters.

Note: All Universal Form/Seal models can be programmed to work as a seal only model