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Semi-automatic blister packaging machines

semi-automatic blister packaging machine

Blister packaging machines for forming and sealing in the same cycle.

  • For all kind of products
  • Custom design for medical packaging
  • Forms blister from pre-cut foil

Standard version

The basic version of the different types and sizes of the Universal machines are designed to perform a wide variety of task in a modern production environment.

The Universal Blister Packaging Machines are renowned for their durability and engineering quality. Depending on the model of choice the Universal can handle packaging sizes up to 1.500mm The production capacity ranges from a few test packages to more than 1 mill packages. Suitable for production as well as test.

For medical devices

A special group of the Universal blister packaging machines is designed for medical packaging. The special education includes use of materials of stainless steel, no free blow-off from valves and cylinders and build with calibrated components.

Universal machine series - different variants

Basic versions

1 Heating plate 2 Heating plates Size mm
Universal 301 FS Universal 301 FSX 200x400
Universal 501 FS Universal 501 FSX 300x500
Universal 701 FS Universal 701 FSX 300x700
Universal 1401 FS Universal1401FSX 300x1400
Universal 302 FS   300x400
Custom designs On requst Other sizes

For medical device

1 Heating plate 2 Heating plates Size mm
Universal 301 FS MD Universal 301 FSX MD 200x400
Universal 501 FS MD Universal 501 FSX MD 300x500
Universal 701 FS MD Universal 701 FSX MD 300x700
Universal 1401 FS MD Universal 1401 FSX MD 300x1400
Universal 302 FS   300x400
On request On request Other sizes


Benefits of use of universal machines

  • The blisters are produced at the same time they must be used.
  • One inexpensive tool set for both forming and sealing.
  • Same production capacity as with  preformed blisters.
  • Blisters from plane foil saves costs compared to preformed blister.
  • Less storages costs.